This is a bilingual Spanish-English course in which you will learn the key words and expressions necessary to participate in a basic way at a restaurant, a shopping mall, a visit to the doctor, at the airport, at the bus station and in every day situations. You will be provided with a list of useful words which you will be able to apply in a real context in ONLY THREE HOURS!

JUST ONE DAY! When you travel abroad you will face certain situations which all travelers have to deal with. We have carefully selected those scenarios and prepared stand conversations you will have while facing your everyday traveling activities. This course covers conversational Spanish that you will use in everyday real life situations.

In this bilingual Spanish-English course you will learn the key words and expressions necessary to participate in a basic way at, a shopping mall, a restaurant, if you have to visit to the doctor, when you are at the airport, at the bus station, or in the street. ONLY THREE HOURS we will practice those conversations with you. You will be given a tailor made booklet which is handy and you can carry with you everywhere. In Eurolingua, you will learn how to use Spanish efficiently and learn the basic expressions you need for these situations and scenarios.

You will be practicing pronunciation and phrases and how to use them. Then you can memorize them or use the book as a guide. Come and learn in THREE HOURS!

You will be confident in asking for and following directions, you will be able to order food at a restaurant, to buy tickets and enquire about travelling on public transport. You won’t have to worry about what to say and how to ask what you need.