We’re proud to offer you all a new course ! Learn spanish and dance away !

Our Spanish and Salsa course is a 2-week long program which gives participants the possibility to learn Spanish and Salsa. Our offer includes Salsa classes in an Intensive Spanish course or Standard Spanish Course. You will have your Spanish classes in the mornings and Tango tutoring 3 times a week in the evenings. Depending on your preferences you can take either personal or group Salsa classes. Calpe and its surroundings offer Salsa shows and real-life opportunities to see how professionals or locals dance. You can also dance salsa yourself at popular disco and salsa clubs. To learn the basics of Salsa or to further develop your current skills, there is no better experience than living and studying the dance, while practicing Spanish with us. In case you prefer fewer hours of Salsa teaching, we suggest you take our and intensive Spanish course and add the amount of salsa hours you want, We can also arrange for you to have classes with a private tango teacher if you prefer.Consult us for more details!