Private Spanish lessons

This Private Spanish course allows you to improve your Spanish in the shortest time possible. The program’s one-on-one approach enables students to learn the language quickly and efficiently with lessons completely tailored to the student’s needs.

Lessons can be structured to focus on specific vocabulary or study topics. With intensive private Spanish lessons, students can greatly improve their Spanish skills.

If you want to learn Spanish in Calpe as quickly as possible, with Private Spanish Lessons you will have totally customized classes to suit your needs. Teachers prepare a specific program according to your needs which are monitored by our coordinator and director. Teachers ensure that you quickly overcome any problems you may have with the language. Alternatively, the Super-intensive course offers a combination of both group and individual tuition.

When you take Private Spanish lessons we are especially designing a program tailored to your specific needs and interests. You can give us your preferences for certain hours and topics, interests and aims.

These Private lessons are specially recommended for those students who have specific needs. Some prefer to study more or less grammar, some are interested in certain topics, some want to learn reading news or discussing about different topics, some need to incorporate certain language for their jobs. And our work is to accomplish those needs.

As these lessons are made just for you they can start any day of the week. We recommend you to take a course package of 10 or 20 hours.

TIMES: You can take as many classes as you need and start when you want. Each class is 55 minutes.

You can choose the duration of your pack:

You can also add on to your Private Spanish course and combine it with other courses such as conversation courses